2021 Ultimate Heart Award Recipient, Rachna Chandra

In March 2020, we partnered with Detroit Sewn for an immediate COVID-19 relief campaign and opened the Michigan Mask Donation Center downtown Pontiac to support local organizations and individuals who were in need of free masks. During this eight-week initiative, in the middle of the pandemic, we passed out 7,050 free cotton masks, curbside, to over 390 families, individuals, and nonprofit organizations and businesses. This mission also included 1000 masks to answer an immediate request for the men & women who served on the USNS Comfort that was stationed in New York at the time.

During this mission, we had one special volunteer who showed her ultimate heart & stepped up to support our efforts. With the help of her own team of volunteers, Rachna Chandra created and donated over 2000 masks for our Covid-19 relief efforts without requesting any money in return. Since then, Rachna has donated hundreds of masks to our organization which allowed us to add masks to our life necessity bags for the homeless in Detroit, and our New Mom Baskets for new moms at local pregnancy centers and hospitals.

Recently, Rachna has also found the time to support India with immediate relief efforts during India’s COVID-19 outbreak while still supporting GMF.

Because of these amazing efforts, we were excited to honor Rachna with our Ultimate Heart Award at the Glamorous Luncheon last week!

Congratulations and thank you, Rachna!