Project Warmth

The Michigan winter can be brutal, especially for our homeless citizens who struggle to find shelter and warmth in the frigid temperatures. That’s why we created Project Warmth. In collaboration with C4 Urban Outreach and Blessing Bag’s Brigade, we are working hard to clothe, feed, and support the homeless community downtown Detroit to help ease their pain and struggles.

Our efforts consist of warm blanket drives and collections, hat & glove drives and collections, hygiene product drives and collections, hygiene bag assembling in collaboration with Blessing Bags Brigade and distribution of food and warm clothes in collaboration with C4 Urban Outreach. One more important ingredient we offer is love. We are downtown Detroit working for the people and supporting our giving partners on Sundays 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

If you would like to help this mission, donations can be mailed to us at:

The Glamorous Moms Foundation, 511 Old Towne Rd., #80065, Rochester, Mi 48038-0065

*Personal hygiene products and life necessities can also be purchased and mailed directly to us via our Amazon with list by clicking here.