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We simply can’t do what we do without you!


GMF President Shannon Lazovski and Treasurer Valerie Jens provide blow-up mattresses, air pumps, and blankets to the staff at Eastpointe Community Schools for their homeless high school students that are in temporary housing until graduation.


We don’t just make New Mom Baskets and Support Baskets filled with life essentials, we also answer immediate relief requests. Where there’s a need, there is GMF love and support thanks to our wonderful community partnerships, donors, and sponsors. 

With your support we can do the following:

  • Create smiles and happy moments for expectant mothers.
  • Provide toys to pediatric oncology patients in partnership with The Bottomless Toy Chest.
  • Provide life essentials & educational toys for school children and teens.
  • Provide life essentials necessary for women, new mothers, and infants to help them lead happy healthy lives.
  • Provide necessities and support to women, children, and families currently suffering from, or rebuilding their lives from; poverty, illness, domestic violence & abuse, homelessness, and human trafficking.
  • Provide services and supplies to partnering nonprofit organizations with the same vision and mission as GMF.
  • Feed the homeless and families suffering from life-altering events.
  • Provide blankets to the homeless during Michigan’s winter months.
  • Provide peer-to-peer virtual support groups/sessions for women which include but are not limited to supportive discussions, guidance, education, and life skills.