What We Accomplished in Two Years

Glamorous Moms Foundation is a Michigan-based non-profit organization run by a group of volunteer moms who have giving hearts and are eager to help those in need. We launched in October 2019.  

In just two years, we have distributed $38,775 in handmade cotton masks to communities in need during the Covid-19 pandemic including over 1,223 life necessity bags for the homeless, $2,800 in holiday gifts for foster children, and countless food and blanket donations to those less fortunate during the winter months. During this short time, we’ve also assembled and delivered over $7,800 in New Mom Baskets and motherhood necessities to mothers-to-be at local pregnancy centers, shelters, and hospitals. All of this has been done in partnership with 20 Metro Detroit service organizations and partners.

We thank you for your continuous support including your kind messages, your donations, and your collaborations & sponsorships. We are making a difference together! Let’s keep it going!