New Mom Baskets

New Mom Baskets for the Lennon Pregnancy Center were created and assembled by our teen volunteers of Team Impact.

We have been focusing heavily on helping women in vulnerable communities feel more comfortable and supported as they enter into motherhood for the first time.

We have partnered with the Lennon Pregnancy Center to make sure each new Mom at the center receives our free basket to make sure each and every woman feels loved and supported.

Because of your generous donations, new Moms that visit the center to take a pregnancy test or to receive a free ultra sound, will receive a GMF New Mom Basket. Each basket entails postpartum tea, fuzzy pink socks for mom, newborn mittens, newborn socks, nipple cream, breast pads, a swaddle blanket and a cloth storage bin for baby supplies.

Thank you for your monetary donations and for supporting our efforts in creating and supplying these new Mom gifts.