Detroit Sewn Michigan Mask Donation Center – Where We Are Six Weeks In

March 30th marks the first day of the Detroit Sewn and Glamorous Moms Foundation collaboration with a heartfelt mission to pass out FREE 100% cotton, reusable, and washable masks to non-profit organizations, families, employees of small businesses (still allowed to work), and communities in dire need.

“I haven’t missed a day at the center and have thoroughly enjoyed working with each and every volunteer and organization. It has been a pleasure to serve.” – Shannon Lazovski, Founder & President of Glamorous Moms Foundation.

To date, we have supported over 324 families and organizations and have passed out 5, 852 masks as of today. Thank you to our Glamorous Moms Foundation Board members and volunteers: Elizabeth Robbins SabourinLinda Faschian CrosbyValerie Jens, Evelina Rennert, Livia Lazovski, Julia Page, Mikhail Lazovski, and Rick Earle.

Thank you to our long list of sewers who volunteered to make FREE masks for our initiative – To those who worked tirelessly around the clock to make sure our communities were taken care of… I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for joining us in this 8-week initiative (and we still have two weeks left)! Thank you sewers:
Moniquee Sobocinski
Leena Hosler
Paula Van
Rachna Chandra & Taj Cottage team
Isabel Paulisch
Heather M. & neighbors
Barb Bartlett Brenner
Allie Brenner
Jae Clinton
Cora Leibowitz
Carrie Walk
Alicia Hawthorne
Jen Archey
Melissa Knox
Robin Weiten
Pallari Dabade
Amber Wilson
Linda Kargela
Nancy Calendine
Sharyl Kettke
Valerie Ann
Ashley Kalfas
Ann Marie Galia
Sally Zito
Karla M.
Mary Ann Fortunate
Santa Cecchini
Josie Thomas
Bridget – Charm View Sewing
Dejanea McBryde
Whitney Matamoros
Rachel Smith
Prasanna & Shirdi Sai SocietyTrust team
Melinda Zatkoff
Charity Bendixon
Barbara Wheeler
Ashley Kalfas
Karen Wolf
Brenda, Barb & Joe
Kathy Ahrens
Pontus Silverstrom
Patricia Spry
Kendal Owings
Phyllis Bianchi
Julia Katharina
Donna Naddaf