Meet Kim Middleton. Kim is our February Mom of the Month! Kim is a wife, a local Mom of one son and a hard working professional who has been servicing our community for 28 years as a Medical Laboratory Technologist. Currently working for Oakland County, Kim has been working in the middle of the pandemic making sure the people of our community are taken care of. Her resilience and perseverance is something to admire and we are big fans of this local Mom! Please support our Mom of the Month for February and share some love for Kim, who was nominated by board member Ewelina Rennert.

“Growing up with an alcoholic father, I learned resilience. When my marriage failed, I learned how to survive being a single mom. My son is my joy. And, I found I had something to live for and my only goal was to give him a better life than I had. I learned I could love and trust again in my new husband. But all of my trust in God has carried me through life’s toughest trials.” – Kim Middleton