Join Our Board to Help Build a More Empowered Community!

Join the Glamorous Moms Foundation: Help Us Help Others

It’s time to expand! We are so pleased with how successful our first year has been! And now, it’s time to grow and expand to build a more empowered community, for the community. New GMF Board member applications and inquiries will be accepted from September 14, 2020 to October 2, 2020. Please email us at for consideration.

Board Member Responsibilities: Glamorous Moms Foundation (GMF)’s mission is to provide support, inspire, and build confidence in women, children and families in our community to enhance the quality of life, leading them to health, happiness, and safety. We not only support individuals but are proud to support other service organizations to create a community of giving and unity. We strive to bring comfort with monetary donations and life necessities to those who need assistance to make meaningful change.

The GMF Board supports the work of all members, leaders, both charitable and community partners, and volunteers & provides mission-based leadership with strategic governance.

Individual Responsibilities: In support of the GMF mission and vision, individual Board members are expected to help with the following:

  • Establish fundraising strategies, programs, and services that are in harmony with the purpose of our organization and those of our charitable partners.
  • Employ, assist, a support our GMF President.
  • Secure funds and goods required for expenses and drives by mobilizing and assisting in fundraising and funding efforts.
  • Ensure that the financial affairs of the organization are conducted on a responsible basis in accordance with established policies.
  • Attend and participate in monthly GMF Board meetings.
  • Become well informed on all agenda items prior to scheduled meetings.
  • Contribute knowledge, express professional opinions based on experience, and take initiative when necessary.
  • Support fellow Board members and help the Board make group decisions reflecting the thinking of the total group.
  • Represent the Glamorous Moms Foundation at community events, organizations, and with private individuals.
  • Stay informed about the organization’s programs, policies, and services, as well as the needs of the community, and charitable partners.
  • GMF Board members will consider GMF a philanthropic priority and will donate needed gifts that reflect that priority (only to the extent of what is possible).
  • GMF expects to have 100% of Board members make their annual contribution as set by the President during October renewal.
  • Assume leadership in organization agency funding efforts, when possible.
  • Assume board leadership responsibilities as requested and when possible (such as committee chairperson, elected officer, etc.).

Term: Board positions are for a minimum term of two (2) years. GMF Board members must continue to meet attendance, monetary, and participation requirements. The time commitment for individual Board duties are estimated at 1-5 hours a month, depending on fundraising & events and the needs of our charitable partners. Official Board meetings are held a minimum of once a month. Additional meetings may be needed based on events and community happenings.

Join Us: This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about helping others and who has experience with community leadership. This is an excellent volunteer opportunity for anyone interested in being a part of a non-profit organization while developing leadership skills, gaining Board member experience, and building relationships.

Would you like to apply? Please email us at